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Building sustainable energy solutions using disruptive technology for a greener and more sustainable future


igrenEnergi is in the business of building innovative solutions to optimize energy storage, generation, management, as well as smart grid interactions. Our latest product line includes a revolutionary Battery Energy Management and Storage Solution that dramatically improve performance of Lithium Ion Batteries per unit cost. At the core of this solution is a combination of sophisticated power electronics and battery intelligence platform which we like to call POW.AI. igrenEnergi Inc is a US HQ company with India offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The company has been operational since 2014. Our previous product was a Solar Energy Optimizer built using the same underlying proprietary technology as in our battery energy management system. The Solar Optimizer significantly improved efficiency of energy generated when multiple solar panels are connected to provide energy to the load and is successfully deployed at multiple marquee customer premises in India, Japan, US and Europe. 


The POW.AI platform was built using the single objective of developing the world’s best Battery & Energy Management System.
To achieve this target, we studied the existing solutions in the market and identified the biggest challenge plaguing the industry: How to deliver longer useful life, extract more energy while ensuring faster charging over lifetime from Li-ion battery packs without significantly increasing design complexity and costs. 
Years of relentless research and multiple patents later this platform was born. The POW.AI platform integrates advanced analytics with a proprietary hardware and firmware with our patented ‘dynamic balancing technology’ at its core. The platform is designed to work with different types of applications including Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Applications and delivers unparalleled savings in terms of lifetime energy costs.

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We are an ever-growing family of rocket scientists with >95% of members working in technology. Our talented and experienced engineering and project team (minus co-founders) has 150+ years of cumulative experience in hardware, firmware + IoT + cloud software, customer and performance improvement analytics, and testing + deployment of energy, battery management and storage solutions and have successfully delivered 20+ customer projects