Transformational gain in EV battery performance that will delight your customers

Lower Costs Per kWh

Avoid overbuilding of batteries and reduce battery costs per mile


Proprietary, state of the art power electronics and firmware smartly analyzes and optimized battery functioning thereby delivering more kWh over battery lifetime.

Extended Battery Life

Assure more life and miles warranty to your customers


POW.AI with patented balancing technology significantly improves cycle life and delivers more range per charge.

Less Frequent And Shorter Charging Downtime

Significantly reduce anxieties related to charging time


Smart charging/discharging algorithm dynamically balances cells in real time to ensure that battery charging time does not increase with aging. And more range enables to go longer before stopping to charge.

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Connected Intelligence

More accurate performance prediction with improved safety and protection


Advanced intelligence layer that accurately predicts State of Charge, State of Health and Remaining Useful Life, real-time granular performance measurement to pre-emptively identify and protect against potential safety hazards, sophisticated power electronics with ability to isolate faults.

Applications of our BMS


2W, 3W and Light Commercial EVs

Proprietary patented BMS specifically designed to deliver superior performance, across a wide range of applicability: 2, 3 Wheeler vehicles, golf carts, quad bikes, etc.

High quality 48V battery pack powered by proprietary BMS technology delivers lower charging downtime, longer cycle life and more lifetime mileage, making it critical for adoption in commercial as well as personal use cases. Click here to know more.

Benefits for igrenEnergi patented technology combined with smart innovations unlocks significant savings for operating a swapping network, making it ideal for Battery as a Service (BaaS) operations.

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Commercial & Passenger EVs

BMS designed to enable independent modules to be connected in series and/or parallel based on voltage and current requirements. The highly scalable architecture can be used to build a solution to support high current and voltage requirements of commercial & passenger 4 wheelers and even higher power applications such as electric trucks & buses.

Inbuilt multi-tiered safety features using a combination of electrical, mechanical and algorithm-based measures. Ensure highest level of protection to humans as well as the vehicle asset from electrical and thermal hazards that could arise in high power use cases.

Industrial EVs

Customizable BMS & battery pack offerings for industrial and warehouse electric vehicles such as forklifts, cranes, automated guided robots, industrial machines, amongst others.

Better capital asset utilization – Faster charging, and more energy per charge over lifetime ensures your equipment spends more time doing what it is supposed to do and less time idling at the charging station.

Lower replacement risks – Batteries built using our proprietary BMS technology last longer reducing risks of replacement, enabling higher ROI per asset for plant managers.

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