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Introducing The Revolutionary
Dynamic Balancing Technology
The Challenge

Cell Mismatch


Root cause of all battery range, life & charging related problems. Capacity of battery cells diverge with usage and can vary by up to 30-40% during the life of an EV.

What happens?

The Weak Cell

Root Cause

Just like one dead bulb kills your entire string of holiday lights similarly one weak cell disproportionately kills the capacity of an entire battery.

Inefficient Existing Technology

Passive and Active Cell Balancing


Existing battery management solutions are inefficient in handling mismatch. They either significantly increase charging time and waste precious cycle life (as is the case with Passive Balancing) or are too complex

Passive Cell

Active Cell

What's The solution?

Revolutionary Dynamic Balancing Technology

Winning Formula

igrenEnergi’s proprietary Dynamic Balancing uses an intelligent combination of power electronics & software to deliver near perfect balancing without increasing charging time or significantly increasing your battery costs.

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