Better Utilization of Capital - Vehicles run on batteries built using POW.AI give more potential revenue and lower costs/mile

What We Offer

Lower Costs per Mile

Batteries powered with our proprietary POW.AI solution extracts maximum energy from the pack delivering higher range. Our patented technology significantly decelerates battery degradation improving cycle life. This reduces battery costs making it critical for sustainable e-mobility services.

More Revenue per Electric Vehicle

For any e-mobility application be it ride sharing, micro mobility or first/last mile logistics, vehicle asset availability and utilization is critical to viability of operations. EVs using igrenEnergi BMS powered batteries require fewer and shorter downtime for charging and replacement. This enables mobility operators to use their assets for longer time over lifetime serving their customers and generating higher revenue.

Significantly Lower Charging Downtime

igrenEnergi revolutionary battery management system enables longer ranges over lifetime without worrying about frequent charging. Our advanced balancing algorithm keeps charging time in check ensuring vehicle spends lesser time waiting to be charged. Thus significantly reducing charging downtime per electric vehicle.

Connected Intelligence Platform

Advanced Analytics

Real time cloud-based performance monitoring, analysis & update

Granular data monitoring

Accurate RUL, SOC and SOH measurement and prediction

Predictive Maintenance

Unlock Massive Benefits

E-Mobility Applications

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Shared Mobility

Last Mile Delivery

On-demand Mobility


Micro Mobility

Urban Logistics

Micro mobility

Commercial Fleets


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