Intelligent Battery Management Software
and Analytics Platform
Get actionable insights about your battery performance &
take better decisions, extend battery life & reduce total cost of ownership

Customizable, comprehensive platform

Easy to monitor & analyze key parameter data, suitable for engineers, admins & decision makers alike.

Real time monitoring

Clean, near real time availability of cell-level data for a holistic view of battery performance.

Prediction algorithm

State of the art algorithm for accurate estimation of SOC, SOH and RUL.

Advanced analytics

AI/ML algorithm that give unique insights and improve battery performance.

Fault monitoring

Get real time event alerts for better fault tracking.

Preventive maintenance

Exact estimations about battery range and health enables identification & resolution of warranty issues before they occur.

Easy to Connect

Supports CAN & other protocols for connectivity.  Improve battery performance with adaptive OTA updates.

Cradle to grave tracking

Secure, scalable database to granularly track development to operation data.

Seamless integration

Easy to integrate partner & third party applications.

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