Intelligent, Connected Energy Management & Storage Solutions

Energy Cost Optimization

POW.AI Intelligent Energy Management


Smart charging and discharging

Dynamic reserve management

Sophisticated energy usage and life estimation

More kWh Per Lifetime

Higher uptime during scheduled and unscheduled downtime


Proprietary dynamic balancing technology granularly monitors cell SOC & SOH and intelligently extracts maximum energy per cell delivering higher backup over lifetime.

Simplified Monitoring & Operations

Centralized management & configuration system


Smart, connected battery pack solutions for remote, real time monitoring & configuration of all your geographically distributed battery assets.

Lower Maintenance Downtime

Predict, Alert, Prevent, Protect


Decelerated battery degradation and improved battery life enabled by combination of innovations in power electronics and intelligent firmware & software algorithm.

Application of our BMS

use cases

Battery Backup & Business Continuity


High backup & long-life batteries ideal for distributed energy storage applications such as telecom backup, microgrid storage, home, office & facility energy storage and backup


Energy Cost Optimization


Electricity pricing arbitrage by smartly shifting peak power consumption from the grid

Renewable energy integration – increase own PV/other renewable energy usage, optimize energy generation and utilization over time

Second Life

battery cycle

igrenEnergi’s revolutionary cell balancing technology improves battery cycle life and extracts higher energy from batteries made using 2nd life cells

Cloud based cradle to grave tracking eliminates cell characterization and binning expenses otherwise required to prepare cells for 2nd life usage


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